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Tyrolean + Archery + Bottle of Wine for Two

Here we offer you to experience the longest Tyrolean traverse in Andalusia, along with some archery and enjoy it all with a good bottle of wine. This activity is perfect to spend a completely different day, to give a special surprise to someone, or to give it as a gift…

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The Tyrolean traverse comprises a route of 1,350 meters at a maximum speed of 100 km/hour and a difference in altitude of about 10%. This type of ride is a must on vacations and very popular with visitors who want to take full profit of their free time. You will enjoy the surrounding nature and all the outdoor activities, including wonderful views. We offer you the option to combine this fun activity with a archery session, and then finish a very active day with a bottle of wine.


Practicing Tyrolean traverse is a very daring and exciting activity. The tour releases lots of adrenaline; you will enjoy the freedom and close contact with nature. The suspension sensation in the air, crossing at high speed landscapes of abundant vegetation certainly renews your energies.

We double the offer: at the end of the tour, a 4×4 will pick you up and drive you to the place where, after a brief explanation provided by a monitor, your archery session will start. This is one of the most sophisticated sports in the world, having its origins in the ancestral hunting practice. And finally, we have organized a visit to a restaurant for you to taste a good bottle of wine and lovely Malaga’s views.


It is a good thing that Malaga has the longest Tyrolean traverse in Andalucia. You must experience the thrill of flying over the mountain and seeing our beautiful city from the heights. Surely is something you won’t forget.

And if this wasn’t enough, you also enjoy shooting with the archery practice. If you haven’t tried it before, we assure you will fall in love with it.

Let’s have a toast with a bottle of white wine to end the day, with the company of your choice!


This pack is perfect for everyone, either if you want to surprise your partner, or just want to escape from the routine. Perhaps you may want to give it as a birthday or anniversary present. This pack is designed to provide you the knowledge of the experience and unforgettable moments that will be impossible to erase.

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