About us

We are four friends eager to enjoy life and discover new and unforgettable experiences and that's the reason why we decided to create “Malaga On Board”

Discover Malaga On Board!

Malaga On Board was created because we believe that every day in life should be an adventure, so we decided to try out the most fun and exciting activities in Malaga.

Our adventurous spirit and desire to feel ourselves young and free led us to create this multi-adventure platform offering the best experiences in the area.

Our services?

We offer you the eternal youth formula at Malaga On Board!

A wide selection among the best activities in the most beautiful places and unique experiences.

We look forward to discovering and visiting every single corner of the city and sharing it with you! That is our main goal!

For those who are interested in discovering new activities, we offer a variety of experiences in various fields: Air, Land and Water.




The craziest thing is not to do anything.

I love risky sports in which I can control the circumstances.

I love the morning air, sunsets and of course nature’s aura.

For me the solitude means to be in contact with myself and that is priceless.


My life is a blank book, and it is my job to fill every page with my wanderings.

I have never wasted a day in my life without something brilliant to tell when I get home. Because you can’t fake the sparkle in your eyes when you’re sharing something exciting.


Adventure is my passion may as well be the name of a movie about my life.

When my watch strikes 7:00 am, I go for a run along the beach, because feeling the scent of the sea and watching the sunrise is the only caffeine I need.

The only way I feel alive is by experiencing new activities and tasting the adrenaline.


Athlete and adventure addict since I was born.

My natural habitat is being on a quad, a motorcycle or a bike riding through nature at full speed. That’s why the scent I like the most is the smell of gasoline after a good route, that’s the evidence that I’m living to the fullest.

Without a doubt I identify myself as wild and free.

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