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Rafting Genil River – White Water Rafting

Rafting or white water rafting is an activity in which you descend a river in the same direction as the flow, using a pneumatic raft and with the help of a specialized guide who will lead the route with the help of the group. This is one of the most adrenaline-fuelled adventure sports, where you can share moments of fun, excitement and laughs with your family.

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Basically, we will descend down the Genil riverbed into this particular pneumatic raft. You will be guided by a professional monitor who will steer the raft with the help of the group.

At the beginning of the activity, the guide will give some basic notions to know how to proceed in the river and its possible difficulties. It is not necessary to have previous experience. Children must know to swim.

The whitewater section of the Genil River is GRADE II-III, and is recommended for people aged 14 and upwards. The section goes between El Tejar- Benamejí and Palenciana (Córdoba) and is characterized by several rapids and “turbulences”, giving the river its white appearance due to the foam it generates.

The activity has a duration of 1.5-2 hours descending, 3.5-4 hours in total, depending on the flow of the river and the size of the group.


White water rafting has more action than traditional rafting. It’s all about conquering the river with teamwork and beating the fear of the dangerous rapids, which makes this sport very exciting. The best part of white water rafting and differentiates it from other action sports is the opportunity to share the action with loved ones.

You don’t need extensive technical or physical preparation, since you will be constantly supervised by an instructor who will guide you and make the experience much more enriching. This is the perfect opportunity to bring out the adventurer in you and confront the chaotic nature of the river, understanding it better and respecting it even more.


White water rafting is one of the most special and popular summer activities in Malaga. Rafting is fun, exciting and involves teamwork. The rafts descend at the rhythm of the waves and through the foam of the rapids, while the emotion, the laughs and the adrenaline are assured, rafting is ideal to enjoy with a group of friends or with the family. We guarantee you an unforgettable experience!


You cannot miss it! A fabulous experience, because the river is beautiful, the rapids are brutal and challenging, but you will always be supported by our monitors and guides who will motivate you to continue. The experience is completely safe and under control. We are fully committed to your safety so you can fully enjoy this memorable experience.

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