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Kayaking, Canoraft- Kayaking on rivers

We invite you to join us for an incredible kayak trip down Genil River! Enjoy a unique experience with our experimented guides. We introduce you to a new world of possibilities to explore before your eyes; don’t miss this chance to experience this 100% adrenaline-filled adventure.

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The canoraft or river kayaking involves descending a river, in this case, on Genil River, evading different river’s strainers by paddling.

This river has various sections; from the wildest ones, demanded by the most experienced kayakers, following the middle section and finally the calmest. The activity is done in a two-seater inflatable kayak, with a specialized instructor who will accompany you in a separate boat. Throughout the route there are different rapids and waves you must evade in coordination with your partner. Cooperation will be essential to avoid the obstacles of the river.

Before starting, the kayak instructor will give some basic notions about the course of the activity in order to ensure the descent in kayak will be carried out safely.

The approximate duration of the Canoraft, Rafting duo, Kayaking or canoeing on Genil River is about half a day. The whole activity lasts approximately 3 hours, with the descent taking approximately 2 hours at the medium level and 1.5 hours at the lower level.


River kayaking is an exciting activity, which consists of paddling in a kayak and going over the obstacles called “rapids” or “strainers” that are formed in the rivers. Since it’s a risky sport, we recommend starting in class I rivers, adapting yourself to the equipment and increasing the danger little by little. Also, you should never go down the river alone, but always with an instructor nearby. You must know to swim and have a contingency plan in case of an emergency.


Kayaking is about surfing, confronting nature, rough currents, waves, and making decisions on the fly. Contrary to other sporting disciplines, the conditions are not entirely under your control, as they are constantly changing: this is a new and therefore unfamiliar environment.

Challenge yourself and trust in your own strength and abilities. These are the moments when your endurance is put to the test.


This excursion will allow you to connect with the river’s deep emotions; you will be able to understand nature in a different, exciting and fun way. You will have a privileged perspective, quite different from only walking on the trails. Kayaking on Genil River is suitable for beginners as well as experienced kayakers.


The Kayaking on Genil River (Andalusia) can be done from March to October. This depends on the flow of the river, which is controlled by Iznájar reservoir.

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